How To Unlock Folders?


Today I was trying out Freeway and Nvu, and somehow one of the System folders and another folder (and all of the folders within those two major folders) cannot be modified. When I try to drag another file/folder into the restricted folders, a message tells me, "The item .... could not be moved because "Folder" cannot be modified."

How do I undo this restriction? There are two choices in the message window, one says "Authenticate," and the other says "OK." If I click on "Authenticate," then I can type in my password and complete the action.

I cannot find any settings to undo this problem! Help please!!!

-- vjamacaddict, G4 iBook, OS X 10.3.9, Bluetooth
You just did: you must authenticate in order to modify certain System-level files and folders. There is no way around it short of logging in as root, which is unadvisable.

Which folders, exactly, produce the message?
Something happened this morning that mysteriously locked the folder WebPages, and all of the sub-folders. I unlocked the master folder and the 27 folders inside, via Get -Info (which didn't work this morning). There are still hundreds of sub-folders that need to be unlocked. Is there an easier way to unlock all those sub-folders rather than using Get Info?

Concerning the System folder, I probably don't need to be worried about unlocking that folder. I'm just used to being able to make changes in the System folders with System 7x, 8x, and 9x.

-- vjamacaddict, G4 iBook, OS X 10.3.9, Bluetooth