How to use Bootcamp w/o Mac OS X disk


Ive wanted to use bootcamp so that I can install Windows 7 on my macbook, but after the installation, it has come to my attention that you will need a Mac OS X install disk to complete the whole bootcamp setup. I recently got the new MacBook Air 13 inch that just came out, and it didnt come with a disk, nor was I given the chance to purchase one. Can I do this whole process without having the purchase an OS X disk for no reason? I an running Lion version 10.7 Any help is greatly appreciated.


You are incorrect, an OS X installer disk is not needed to install the Boot Camp drivers.

And, of course, your MBAir came with Lion, which does not have an installer DVD at all, and none are available (unless you burn your own), so Boot Camp drivers are a download from within your Boot Camp assistant.