How to use .Mac to host my webpage ???


I would like to use my .Mac account to host a few html web pages that I have built using a program called webpics.

There is very little directions from .mac on how to store a webpage that you have created outside of their basic templates.

I followed the directions and put the folder containing all the html files and photos in the sites folder. Then I went to .mac and chose advanced. The index.html that I am surposed to select doesn't appear???

Anyone know a way to get around this or to some way use the .mac account to host a webpage you built outside their web tutorials?


It would be as easy as copying your desired files to your Sites directory to your iDisk. For example, if you had a folder on your local system called \mySite all you would have to do is copy this folder to your Sites folder on your iDisk. Then you would be able to see your webpage by typing in the following:

Make sense? If not, send me a message offline.