how you make a backup of your tiger install cd


i cant seem to get my tiger install cd to back up it makes a cd but not bootable i have it in a iso but when i brun it its fine in os x but it wont boot any help i like to make back ups my dics so i dont break my real one anyone know how
Using Disk Utility is the easiest way.

1) Insert your Mac OS X Install CD/DVD.

2) Launch Disk Utility, and highlight the Install CD volume in the left-hand sidebar (the volume is the one that says "Mac OS X Install" or whatever -- not the one that says "2.4GB PIONEER" blah blah).

3) From the "File" menu, select "New" and then "Disk Image From [disk3] (Mac OS X Install)" where "[disk3]" may be different on your system.

4) Name the image whatever you like, and select "Image Format: DVD/CD Master" and "Encryption: none".

5) Click "Save" and wait for it to image the disk.

To burn it back to a CD/DVD, insert the blank media, then drag and drop the image file on your hard drive to the left-hand sidebar. Highlight the image in the sidebar, then click the "Burn" button.

This method always yields a bootable CD/DVD for me.

You said "Tiger Install CD"... did you send off for the CDs from Apple via the Media Exchange Program, or did you mean DVD?