[HOWTO] Clear Possible old NFS Shares


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If you are constantly connecting to an NFS share and disconnecting sometimes the cache files can mess up in OS X. This can cause slow downs in that kind of sharing. After reading the hint Clear out phantom NFS shares and thought about it.

You can do this described in the hint or in 10.7.x one could just launch Disk Utility and go to the menu item File, NFS Mounts and see if an old NFS share is listed there.
This worked for me here with my wired connection on my iMac G5.

I noticed that my PC was always running at a faster speed than my iMac, almost twice as fast using both speakeasy.net and bandwidthplace.com speedtests.

The fix for me was going to System Prefrences > Network > Click Configure on Built-in Ethernet. Go to the Ethernet tab and change Configure to Manual.

On the next drop down boxes, change Speed to 100baseTX and the Duplex to full-duplex. Apply the settings and now run the speed tests.