[HOWTO] How to show your Home library in 10.9


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Well it is easy but is very doable (not like the steps in the 10.7/10.8 thread [HOWTO] Show your Home Library in 10.7) . Just read the MacWorld column How to view the ~/Library folder in Mavericks.

Then for those who don't want to follow the link here they are.

1. Click on the 'Finder' icon in your Dock.

2. In the finder window highlight the username icon in the Finder window side bar.

4. With you username highlight in the finder side bar go to the finder menu item 'View' and select in drop-down 'Show View Options' and put a checkmark in "Show Library Folder" and now you will be able to see you username Library like in the past.

Enjoy the Freedom again. :)