[HowTo] Play a "Streams the World"radio broadcast in any web radio software


In Geostationary Orbit
If your local radio station has a Internet radio stream through the net that is using the "Stream the World" radio software there is way to use that stream in any internet radio stream player on your Mac or iOS device (that accepts regular internet streams and can put in a custom Internet radio stream). All you have to do is use a regular browser to launch a radio stream that use Stream the world software for streaming. So follow this example:

1. Launch the web radio through your browser (I will use my local (Washington DC's WMAL - opening their 'Listen live button) to get that mini-player.

2. When the 'Listen Live' window mini-player comes up (in Safari) I can see the code in the title bar of the mini-player window. REMEMBER that station code you see in the menu of that window and you can use that in the next code I provide.

3. Launch you wen player you use that one can make a custom radio station (like using Quicktime as an example) I use the string (for WMAL radio's player) and see it use the string of
(noticing in the player window I see the station code 'WMALAM" (hence the WMALAM in the code).

To test this procedure you need to find a radio station that uses a player like flash application like Streams the World can use the code (listed in my example) but just with the flash live payer code with the station code in the local radio station's Listen live player using the custom code replacing the WMALM with your local station's code. So open Quicktime and in Quicktime's menu bar item 'file' and select 'open Location' and put it the code you made (using my example) and Quicktime will play the internet stream by itself. This way you can see you can stream most any internet radio stream this way (that uses the kind of stream technology).