[HOWTO] - Setup DHCPD (Server) on Mac OS X (Workstation)


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True dat.

Actually, my favorite is Notepad. Nice, clean, simple, and I loves me some carriage return + linefeeds. It's like doubling the chances that a new line will actually be on a new line!



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Hey, actually...

I use vi almost exclusively now. I haven't used pico in years. This thread cracks me up, because it's the first result on google for "dhcpd macosx".

But it's still a good thread I think.

I first got to know vi when I had an older SGI computer and used a serial port terminal to log in. Since I hadn't properly configured the terminal yet, none of the fancy keys worked (arrow keys in particular). So it was time to try vi. Got kinda into it, realized the power it had, and never looked back.

There's a great book on vi that will tell you how to do everything from intelligent c-coding to split frame windows: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9781565924260
"Learning the vi Editor". Highly recommend it.

Anyway, enjoy the thread!


The startup script does not seem work properly for me. It is not a problem starting the script manually but even though it tries (i can see that on the startup screen) it is not started successfully.