[HOWTO] Setup Mail with some popular online email accounts


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I have come across some ways over OS X time to get OS X Mail going with some popular email servers. So I thought I would list the solutions I have come across.

1. How to set up Mac Mail to use IMAP for Outlook.com

2. Make Mail and Gmail play nice

3. To use iCloud outside Mail bookmark the Apple web site iCloud: Mail server information

4. For Yahoo Email see the video Configuring Yahoo IMAP E-Mail accounts in Mail. Plus I did find the hint Yahoo Plus IMAP Settings for Mac OS X Mail. I know this is little old but the server info should still work.

If anyone else has some email server tips for OS X Mail please post them.
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How to setup Mac mail to use IMAP for Outlook.com

Step 1

open outlook.com, launch mail and go to menu select mail > prefrences > + icon Add Account.

Step 2

Enter name > Outlook email address (but make sure to change .com to .mac).

Step 3

Now configure “incoming mail server ”. > select IMAP > Description: Outlook.com IMAP > incoming mail server: imap-mail.outlook.com > change the user name from outlook.mac to outlook.com > press on “continue” button.

Step 4

Now configure the “outgoing mail server” > Description: outlook.com SMTP > outgoing mail server: smtp-mail-outlook.com > check on “use only this server” > check on “user authentication” > make sure the Username is your full outlook.com email address and change it from outlook.mac to outlook.com.

Step 5

It will provide an overview of all mail settings then click on “Create” to finish the setup

Step 6

Then select mail > preferences from the menu bar > click on accounts tab and change email address from outlook.mac to outlook.com

Now that I have my account set up, I'll ensure that Apple Mail uses the existing folders thatOutlook.com has been using