HP PSC1600 Compatibility with Tiger


Just got a new Powerbook G4 with an HP printer/scanner/copier combo (PSC 1610.) Since the powerbook is new, I decided to install Tiger immediately, which is working beautifully except for this small detail: When I try to install the PSC 1610 software, the installer quits at the same point every time - just after installing the HP Email Portal. I called HP about this, and they sent me a new install CD, only to have the problem repeat. I've done manual uninstalls of all printer-related things to no avail. Anyone know what's going on? HP also said it's too new to have downloadable drivers, so if I'm just SOL for the time being, fair enough, but this seems too pessimistic.
Thanks for your post! I had been to this HP support site, and it seems to be HP explaining what might need to be changed on Tiger for certain features to work; it doesn't allow for the problem I'm having, which is just getting the install to complete. It's fairly weird, and I'm going to try HP phone support now to see if they've resolved the problem in the past couple weeks. It gets through HP Email Portal on the installation, then shuts down, without fail - whether it's a custom or easy install... :mad:
Hi, I just got a new Powerbook as well, along with the HP 1610, and I'm having the exact same problem. It installs until it gets to the HP E-mail Portal, then "unexpectedly quits." I tried using the download from that site, but it unexpectedly quits (while "Searching: Macintosh HD"). Have you resolved the problem yet, and if you have, could you please explain how you did so? Thanks, it would be greatly appreciated!
I'm having the same issue with the 1610 installer and Tiger. Ironically the unit was purchased along with a new EMac for my wife from the Apple Store. Trying to get an answer to the question is good if you have low blood pressure and need a boost.
The driver for your PSC 1610 are already included in Tiger, no need to install anything. What happens when you try to print?

Of course, the included driver is probably for print-only. the other functions available on your HP AIO would require the install of the other software.

I successfully downloaded this FILE which is the updated driver and other software.

Have you tried downloading another copy?
HP is probably the one to complain to (I have had good response from their tech support - sometimes :) )
I can print perfectly fine, as well as copy, but I cannot scan. I downloaded that file, but when trying to install it, it also quits halfway throughI have e-mailed HP, and they sent a reply, but it didn't work. I'm going to try e-mailing them back right now, and I guess I'll see what comes next.
Just a shot in the dark, but some of these scanners can scan natively if you open your image capture app. Have you tried that?
Tried that - didn't work. Now HP is simply telling me to return my printer and get a different one. Has anyone else had better luck?
Nest said:
Tried that - didn't work. Now HP is simply telling me to return my printer and get a different one. Has anyone else had better luck?

No, I spent an hour and a half this morning with them going through more deleting of various prefs, etc., and then having the install fail. They suggested I return it and get the model that does work (PSC 25XX??). When I asked the price difference, the model that works costs $50 more, for a 2-pg. per minute speed increase. No thanks. I did try running the separate installers in the package, but the apps still complain about a missing HP communications app. and won't go. I vented this morning, and managed to extract from them that the problem is of larger proportions than they originally admitted when I called eight days ago. They claim that they "didn't receive Tiger in time" to test the installers.


I would be wary of HP telling you to spend more on a different printer. I too just purchased a new G4 Powerbook (12") and got the PSC1600, which works brilliantly for me. You should not have to give them more money just to get a printer/scanner that works.

Just a little warning.