html code for preventing search engines to index


I need to put some pagea temporarily at my web site and want to prevent search engers and crawlers from indexing the content. Can someone give me the html code for that?

Many thanks ::angel::
macinsm said:
Thanks so much.
That quote makes me think of The Blair Thumb every time I read/hear it. If you've seen The Blair Witch, see The Blair Thumb -- you'll be writing ROFLMAO over and over.

Glad to hear that worked!
Saw the Blair Witch Project but not the Blair Thumb. I see that's a 28 minute short. I'll tee it up on Tivo. Thanks so much. :)
Your request to exclude web text from search engines reminded me of a few months ago when I foolishly posted to this very forum some things relating to specific clients of mine. I don't know what I was thinking. The client did a Google on themselves and found my posts filled with unkind words. They called me on it and I looked like an idiot. Huge mistake on my part. Fortunately, the people removed my posts immediately per my request, but the damage was done.

I wish my posts had been "excluded" from search engines!
That sounds like a rather uncomfortable situation for you. It's amazing how many things we can learn from such a situation. Apparently you learned a lot.
Also remember that Google likes to cache pages even if removed that particular version may still be accessible for a while.