Html Page to E-mail


I want to do is to place an html flyer that I have created with jpegs and links into my Mac email. I want to send the e-mail to my clients, when they receive it they automatically see the complete html flyer complete with jpegs and links intact. I do not want to send them attachments. I have a Power Mac G4 10.02. and Explorer 5.2 browser. I have open the html file in my browser and then "select all" and then "copy". I then open my Mac e-mail program and create a new message. I then paste in the message box. My problem is all that shows up is text and no linked images (jpegs). It seems that when I select all in the browser it only selects the text. Can you help me figure out how to get what I want?
By e-mail program do you mean ?

if so have you checked that in format menu your text is "rich text" shorcut shift-cmd-t ?

hope this helps