huh? a g4 is not considered a mac anymore?


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... i tried to send an icard and apple told me i couldn't do that because "this itool requires that you are on a macintosh" ... weirdo.


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Perhaps OmniWeb is set to identify itself as a non-mac browser? Try changing it to identify itself as IE in the Browser compatibility preferences. Maybe that will help. Then again, maybe not. I really don't know. :)
Hehe what should it be else?
Mac is Mac! I'm sure Omniweb is identifying itself as Windows or something :eek::D:D

Hi. I checked it at Apple site. It worked fine, maybe it not just
your web browser.
It might Apple's site. The site first check what
kind of web browser you have. I think Apple site only support two
web browsers:

1. Internet Explorer 5
2. Netscape 6.2. (Don't know about Netscape's browser.)

Also I see that you have Mac OS X. I don't know if Apple site could support it. What I have on my computer is
Mac OS 9 on Power Mac 8100/80 with Internet Explorer 5.

You can get Internet Explorer 5 at
Netscape 6.2 -
I didn't see these 2 message. Guess we post same time :)

Anyway. I have been built a site before. I know only very little.
Here's how it works:

When you enter site. It check what kind of computer you have:
Windows, Mac, or Linux or other OS. So it can direct you to the right site that support your OS.
Then check what kind of web broswer you have, and again direct you to right site.
NOTE:Some site didn't check what kind of computer or web browser you have.

It is not just OmniWeb. It might still identifying as Mac. Maybe Apple didn't programming thier site to support OmniWeb. Maybe you could email them about problem then they maybe fix it and then Apple site finally accepts OmniWeb.
OW isn't THAT naughty. That feature is there so you can trick some sites. Say there's a stupid Windows user who has an awesome site but makes it so Mac users can't access. Make OW report itself as Windows IE and viola! You're in! Sort of a Fake ID for Browsers.
The next thing you see is a news report saying there are no longer any more macs on the internet!
Oh? I didn't know that OmniWeb could do that. Whrere can I get
that so I can be accessable to "Windows-only" sites?
And will it work with Mac OS 9? I've only have Mac OS 9, my computer
won't work with Mac OS X. :(
didn't the person who started this thread say they were trying to send an iCard? Did something change, because I've sent iCards from Win2k PC's here at school, since that's all there is in the labs I usually work in. The other iTools features require a Mac, but iCards didn't before.
I just sent an iCard to my girlfriend using this Win2k machine and IE. So this error doesn't make any sense, in that iCards part of iTools does not appear to check to see if you have a Mac. So why did you get this error? hmmm.... are you sure you clicked on the right thing? Don't get angry if you think this is a rediculous question, or if you tried multiple times to get this to work, I am just trying to help.
... yeah, sorry, it was my fault ... i didn't express myself too clearly in my first post... i was trying to send an icard using the "make your own" - function, which uses the idisk, so apparently you do need a mac to send that kind of icard ...
check my post, i included a screenshot of what happened... it was indeed because omniweb was set to pretend it's ie on a wintel box ...

incidentally, i also find this to be a rather useful function... i don't think omniweb sucks at all. i love it! :)
Hello? Anyone respose to my message above?

Whrere can I get OmniWeb, I'd like to try it out.
Will it work with Mac OS 9?

Thank you.

And No, I think it's an OS X/UNIX only browser.

It'd be cool to see a 9 version, but I'd never use it anyway since I use 10.

It takes advantage of all of X's cool features like drawers and sheets and aqua, so a 9 port would be difficult.

But I use IE anyway. It still is the best. Buggy as the X incarnation is, it's got all the features I can't live without now.
I just have to say that that is one of the funniest screen shots I've seen. :D Thanks for posting it sithious!