I Can Give But Not Receive!

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I'm working on an iBook OSX3.9 and use Entourage through the mac.com server. For some reason, after years of use, I can no longer receive email, although I can still send. This is the pop-up I get: "Authentication failed (incorrect password?)" Your username/password or security settings may be incorrect. Would you like to try re-entering your password.

I have applied for a new password but this hasn't made any difference. Any help would be joyfully received. Thanks, Lollie.
What version of Entourage?

In the version with Office X (Entourage 10.0), look at your account options, particularly the "advanced" options for receiving. Tools>Accounts the click on the button that says "Click here for advanced receiving options". Try toggling on/off the "Always use secure password" option.

Is this a .Mac address? If so, how do you have it setup (POP or IMAP)?
Hi, thanks for your advice, unfortunately, I tried this option to no avail. I'm using Entourage 11.0.0. Every time, I log into my account, I get the password box come up. Any other suggestions? Many thanks for your help. Lollie
If you're using a .Mac account, you'd be best using Mail. Give that a go and if it works, throw Entourage out.
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