I can only use the xPostFacto "startup disk" utility. Why?


I'm Spartacus!
If I'm in OS 10.3 and I use the regular "startup disk" application and choose to boot up in OS 9.2.2 at the next restart, the computer restarts to a grey screen and does nothing. If I'm in OS 9.2.2 and open the "startup disk" application, the entire computer freezes before the application even finishes opening.

If I use the "startup disk" application that xPostFacto provides, everything works perfectly.

Is there any way to fix the faulty regular "startup disk" applications? I don't like faulty software lurking around the computer, waiting to conflict with other applications later down the line. There also seems to be a few less windows that have to be opened when choosing the startup disk using the operating systems "startup disk" application instead of the xPostFacto "startup disk" application.

Thanks ahead of time for any help. :)
This is still the beige G3, is that right?
If your installation requires XPostFacto to boot to Panther, then you have to use the XPostFacto startup disk utility.
If you were using hardware (the computer) that can boot to a normal 10.3, then you would be able to use the normal startup disk utility.
It's not a faulty bit of software. It's just that you are using an unsupported computer (for Panther)
Oh, okay. That's logical enough. Yes, I was still talking about the G3. Thank you for your help. :)