I can upload the official 10.1 upgrade


If someone can supply an FTP server and let me know how I can create a disk image without having any CD burning software, Ill be glad to upload the thing. Cant set up my own server, as AT&T will probably shut down my cable connection within a day (tried that before).


BTW: I got my copy at CompUSA Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. They had about 50 copies left at 1pm today. They asked for a receipt or Proof of purchase/coupon
I think you can take the CD and make an image under Apple Disc Copy. Select "Create Image From Disc". Last I checked, this didn't work under Mac OS X, but it may have been fixed under 10.1. I know it works under OS 9.

Hope this helps!
The CompUSA up my way told me to either bring in a reciept/proof of purchase or the OS X (.0.0) install CD to get the upgrade. That was pretty cool.
You can try uploading it to account ID test password test. I will make it aviliable as long as possible. You should be able to upload it to the public folder using either FTP or AFP. If the upload is sucessful I can make it available publicly until my ISP is angered by it..... I know what it is like to be in the middle of no where and not being able to get a copy.
will take 4-5 hours. My cable modems upload speed is only 128kbit. 10.1 let me create several types of images. I created a DVD/CD master image. Hope that will work with Toast etc.
I also have an FTP server available, although at the moment I only have build 5G64 (final as far as I can tell, but not from the release CD). Due to an overload of users when I posted the log/pass publicly earlier i am now operating on a request system for the log/pass/address (i.e. message/e-mail me and I will send the pass as bandwith allows) If someone wanted to upload the CD image, then we could be sure you are getting the final. At any rate, I should have the CD within the next week, and will post it then if no one has uploaded it yet.
The way I figure it, the more servers we can get going the easier it will be on everyone to download it and that way not just one or two people are getting their internet connections melted....
I suppose I could try publishing my login/pass again... I shouldn't have to worry about being nailed for bandwith usage over the weekend at least. Perhaps I should make a new thread where we can list the FTP servers that have it?
I had no problem creating the image with DiskCopy. But since Disk Copy lets me create several types of images, I just want to make sure that i created one that is compatible with everyones software. The "DVD/CD master image" format did sound most logical to me. (Assuming it does not work only with the 10.1 build in burning software)
If you double click on the disk image and it mounts it on the desktop I see no reason who everyone couldn't be able to convert it to whatever they require.
The image of 5G64 currently on my server is a DVD/CD Master image, and it has worked correctly for everyone who has tried it so far. I would say you made the correct choice.

P.S. I have set up an upload only account on my server at with log/pass upload/macosx if someone wants to upload the CD image.
If someone could do me a favor and save the image in ISO format, it would be nice. My Windoze (I know, ugh) has all my burners attached to it. :D I'd assume that's what the "master image" is.
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I get FtP denied !?

Drop Box. You can upload to that account, but you can not list the directory or download. I set it up this way so I wouldn't have people downloading the partial file and then complaining about it not working. Saves a little bit of trouble. Someone is already uploading though. should be done in a couple of hours, and I'll put the file in the main directory.
DougK - check out the thread on "Nero + Windows" or "Burning Mac discs on PC" (there have been a few)

PC Burner is no problem if it's a true image (ISO or IMG or NRG) file - though stick to Nero instead of Ez-Coaster Creator.

If you snag a DMG file instead of an IMG file you can convert via the command line - check one of those burning threads... I made a ntoe of how to do it.
Ok, awesome, thanks. Yeah, EZ-Coaster creator is a good name. It does do that function quite nicely. :D It doesn't seem to support 800mb burnings right though. Actually, none of my drives or burning programs do! Well, thanks!
My upload to macosx.com just finished. I hope the file didnt get hosed up during the transmission :)
If anyone else needs it let me know.