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Where mah "any" keys at?
So, funny story. My current job is at a small construction company, and one day I was helping one of our project managers come up with measurements from a set of plans to put together an estimate. I was able to pull off the measurements that were already on the plans, but there were some places that it didn't have a number, so I had to do my own calculations. This is relatively easy when it comes to simple length, but not so much when you have to estimate area So I turned to my old buddy: Photoshop.

My solution was to select an area (such as a gable or stone façade) with the selection tool, count the number of pixels, do some math, ???, profit, and I'd have the area of the selection. Easy enough when the selection is a rectangle, but it gets a bit tougher when you have to do a triangle, and forget it for nonstandard shapes. So I turned to my old buddy: Google.

I found a forum thread where someone else was having the same issue. I scrolled down through it and found the perfect answer to my question (use the histogram), and I was able to finish my task and finalize the numbers we needed. Later, I was going through my open browser tabs (I have about 30 open right now) to close tabs I didn't need anymore, and came back to this super-helpful thread. I was about to close it, when I noticed...

(Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!)
(Now for the exciting conclusion to our fantastical tale of mystery, intrigue and hot, hot bromance!)

This was the post that I had used as a reference.

That's right: 11-years-younger me had answered my own question from the future. It was like some sort of crazy time travel story, except instead of time travel, it was the Internet being its usual wacky self. Years of political memes, cat videos, and hashtags had been gathering, pooling, coagulating into a sticky mass that would one day produce something amazing: a 100% accurate self-referencing encyclopedia of knowledge.

Oh, Internet, you never forget.
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Usually - folks bump their thread because they have some kind of question, or just want someone else to notice (??)
Anyway, I bet your experience is not too unusual for long-time lurkers here.
I occasionally find my old answers, with similar "age", and wonder what I was thinking at the time.
Or, sometimes that old answer was much more coherent than what I might come up with now... :D