i hate windows


R.I.P bobw
guys i dont like windows rite have a look @ this image :D

cd drive floppy dont work 256 ram
WINDOWS XP hard drive ruined screen woz sheered off the casethe keys didnt work propley ::ha::
lukz liek a cpq laptop 2 me kep teh hd n all n holy crap wat hapn 2 dat cpu?!/1!?!!?!?!11/
i smashed it up and speak propley


Now there's the pot calling the kettle black if I ever saw it. ::ha::

No offense, but you do make it difficult to understand what you are saying in a lot of your posts. And "typn n shrt txt" is pointless on a computer with a full set of keys. So please, as so many before have asked, please type in full coherent sentences so we can understand what you are trying to say. Thanks.
Yea, he does kind of have a point there lol. Dude you still could have used shit out of that computer lol. The optical drive probobly would have worked, did you try it in another machine. By the looks of the picture it looks like you have a dell optiplex GX model. I wouldnt say it was worth ruining though lol. Are you gonna atleast save the parts that are good? I am a hardcore pc junkie, i play with mac too, i am down with anything. If you build computers like me you could probobly still use the power supply, cpu, and some other parts, you watch, you save enough parts, you can start building computers lol. And btw if that computer was a compaq or HP, then ha ha ha, thats what you get for buyin that brand lol. They are the biggest piece of shit, funny story, i know this family that got a compaq, and had bad luck, and you would think they wouldnt buy another one right? Well ha ha ha, they bought an HP, (dumbasses) i was like "sounds like a good deal, EXCEPT FOR ITS HP) they didnt listen lol. Now theyz wishin they never bought that fuckin thing.

I am getting sick of windows though and i am pretty much ready to change to mac. But i am a little frustrated with the compatabiltiy issues lol. So i am stuck with both lol.

So you saving parts, or destroying everything including good stuff?
DevilRocks said:
I am getting sick of windows though and i am pretty much ready to change to mac. But i am a little frustrated with the compatabiltiy issues lol. So i am stuck with both lol.

What compatibility issues are you experiencing?
no, there are compatability issues. for example, most of the internet is designed for ie5. difficult truth, but the truth never the less. macs can work around this mostly, but it will be stumped. try getting on sony's music store, for example (they have exclusives i'd like, sometimes). one of many. my printer is not certified to work with a mac. it does, but it wasn't easy. and it's the most popular epson in the shop (C46). other peoples memory pens will not work on your mac, unless it's specifically FAT32 (most defaults are NTFS). MSN novelty bits don't work on macs - i'm always having to say "sorry, got a mac lol"...

To dismiss that one of the mac's major failings is compatablilty is a bold, and ultimitaly a wrong statement.
ooh im shivering in my high tops
sony music store ? use ITUNES ???
buy a FATTY32 pen there better

and if msn worked fully nobody would use ichat thats why its free
ichat is even less compatible than msn. i know no-one (personally) on AIM, and even less on .mac. MSN is the standard. painful but true. and iChat is very flawed. iChatAV is brilliant, but ichat isnt.

i wasn't saying it's impossible to live without those things, just demonstrating that to say the Mac has no compatibility issues is a flawed statement. yes, my pen is FAT32, i was saying that most other people have them as NTFS, and therefore adds problems.

with 70+% of the world using windows, most things are designed for windows, with the macintosh usually being an after thought. there is a small quotiant of developers working exclusively for Mac, but it is that - small. about 3% of the market....