i hate windows


Lt Major Burns said:
ichat is even less compatible than msn. i know no-one (personally) on AIM, and even less on .mac. MSN is the standard. painful but true. and iChat is very flawed. iChatAV is brilliant, but ichat isnt.
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I got fed up with Windows, but i sold my PC instead of smashing it up. :)
Still you made your point! :D
Where about's in Essex are you CJ MAC OSX IPOD?
nice to see another local. :cool:

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no... wait... theyv'e really improved it

i'm using it now! nice. any way to directly access hotmail inbox? does it alert for new email messages?

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Lt Major Burns said:
no, there are compatability issues. for example, most of the internet is designed for ie5. difficult truth, but the truth never the less. macs can work around this mostly, but it will be stumped. try getting on sony's music store, for example (they have exclusives i'd like, sometimes). one of many. my printer is not certified to work with a mac. it does, but it wasn't easy. and it's the most popular epson in the shop (C46). other peoples memory pens will not work on your mac, unless it's specifically FAT32 (most defaults are NTFS). MSN novelty bits don't work on macs - i'm always having to say "sorry, got a mac lol"...

To dismiss that one of the mac's major failings is compatablilty is a bold, and ultimitaly a wrong statement.
You know, I can turn this around completely..

At my house I have 2 PCs and 2 Macs. One Mac is a PowerPC while the other isa 68K. The PowerPC runs Linux most of the time (since I can't run OS X on it) while the Mac is running System 7.6.1. One of the two PCs I have runs Ubuntu Linux. For the most part, I never have a problem sharing or reading files from either of them. The only one that has posed a problem with compatibility has been the 4th computer, the Windows PC that my wife uses. The apps that I use for office productivity on the first 3 machines seem to understand one another. However, the 4th PC running MS Office doesn't play nice with my .sxw files or any other file format for that matter. Shame...

It's gotten to the point that I tend to get the most done on my other computers than on that one PC. If only Windows were more compatible with my systems, then maybe I would consider using it once in a while.

While there really is no computer without it's compatibility issues, I would have to say that Windows is the king of incompatibility. It just doesn't like to play nice with anything that isn't from MS. Sounds a lot like the "Not Invented Here" Syndrome that almost put IBM and Apple out to pasture. Hopefully with the new Office actually adhering to standards for true interoperability, this will change, but knowing Microsoft, they will find a way to make themselves incompatible withthe rest of the free world once again... :confused: