I Have 10.1 FULL INSTALL in my hands!!


Fed-Ex just delivery 10.1 Retail Full Install

Included: 3 CD's

10.1 Developer

I will do a clean install of 10.1 instead of overlaying it on top of my 10.1 (5G64) already running. I am doing this just to get some of the invisible developer build junk off my drive. Go Apple!!!!
Oh <b>that's</b> legal... :p

(Referring to a since-removed message requesting a disc image for posting to a Carracho server. The user was thinking this was an upgrade and not a full version.)
I second that! and, could you let us know you carracho server address, do you have any 10.1 builds on it? in addition, other people could upload if you start a new subject in the forum. "upload img files here."
If it's the full install (as the initial poster said), that's not free. Only the upgrade that depends on you already having 10.0.x installed on your hard drive is being given away free.
Would it be possible for me to get the dev tools at least? That would be legal, wouldn't it? I won't be getting my release copy of 10.1 for a few days, and even then it won't have the dev tools CD. (not-so-instant up-to-date)
Thanks, but I'll hang on to my images.

10.1 is already on Carracho, it's 5G64

I have the Retail install it's 5G64 not this 5G68 rumor crap.
Apple just sent out a note that they will be releasing the 10.1 developer tools for download within a few days. All ADC Members (including Online) will be able to download them.