I just got back from the newest Apple Store


Barking at the moon.
The line was only about an hour and a half long, I had no idea there that many Mac fans in Arizona. Anyhoo, I got my free shirt so I'm a happy man.
Yup, the novelty of the "Grand Opening" celebrations wore off for me, too, but only after they opened a store near me! (Plano, TX) I'm sure that the novelty of the grand opening is still in full-effect for those in areas where Apple stores haven't opened yet... ;)
I'm sure no else really cares about it .. I just thought it was cool how many peeps showed up. There must have been a couple hundred in line ahead of me. The dude behind me summed it up pretty good when he said, "You'd never see this happen at a Gateway Country store..."
At the complex that the Columbus Apple store is, there's also a Gateway Country store. I thought of going to visit that one on the day of Apple's opening, just to compare. The only thing is, the Gateway commercials they've been playing lately don't give me any desire to actually even enter their stores.