I Lost My Password Recent Random Suggestion From Mac Os X Sierra 10.12.1

The question is how sign with cloud ID start-up welcome screen? I having read that, but don't know how sign with ID cloud or Apple ID at start-up Welcome screen.
I'm not sure what you are asking.
The login screen is for your user account, on your Mac, and would not be the same as a login window for iCloud.

When, exactly, do you see the screen that won't allow you to login?
At first boot, when you have just turned on your Mac?
If yes, then that's your login window, which is NOT the same as logging in to iCloud, and would not (or should not) be the same as your AppleID login.

Do you have FileVault turned on (so your hard drive is encrypted?)

Or, as I suspect, did you let your system choose a NEW password, and you forgot to write it down before using it?

If it is your account login password, you can always reset that by booting into your recovery system (Restart, hold Command-R)
Open the terminal (it's in the menus), and type "resetpassword" (without the quotes).
You will get a window where you can change your account password to something that you will remember :D
I hope that helps!