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I recently purchased a TiBook, having never even used a Mac for more than 15min. in my life. The reason I made this purchase: OSX. The installation was incredibly easy. The UI is very easy to navigate and I have had NO stability problems (though I have only been using it for about 2 weeks).

Developers should definatly give this one a whirl. The tools provided for developers are unbielivable. I am in the process of writing an IRC client, and let me tell you, the development environment is a dream to work with.

As more apps (like MS Office) become available for OSX, I see no reason why anyone would want to use another OS.

Just my couple of pennies.
Like me, OS X was the impetus for me getting a new Mac (a TiBook too). I'd had Macs for years, but my last one was a 7100/80.

Mmmm...mmmm...and the Titanium sure sweetens the deal!

It's kind of interesting to note that almost the only people who flat out don't like OS X are the begrudging 9.x users who absolutely hate any sort of change whatsoever. "Wah! I wan't applications in my Apple menu! This OS sucks!" You know the type. All the developer types, UNIX geeks (myself included,) and those new to the Mac seem to enjoy the new OS.
I love OS X, but I aint giving up on my OS 9.0.4 just yet ;) ....

Each OS has its ups & downs, just gotta make OS X have more ups than downs :)

--> this from a man who has about 10 OSs on his mac LOL

Yeah, I use both, too. The key word is "begrudging." The people that are afraid of change are always quick to nitpick the new OS. And if I here one more 'complaint' about the Apple Menu... :)

Stop whinning about the apple menu! It AINT needed! grrrrrrr. If you stupid little people like it FINE but dont shuve it down our throats!

--> wants to go out an beat some panzy OS 9 arse! <--

ok ok... calm down...calm down .... lol

I think the most feriocious critics of OS X are the non-users lol

--> obviously this post doesnt refer to anyone above me in this thread
Replace it! As soon as I got hierarchal folders in the dock, I had an Apple Menu replacement. I even set it up the same way that my Apple Menu in 9 is setup. It took me maybe 30 minutes to set up. Can't miss what is there.


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One small question, unrelatted to the apple menu.
HTMLedit, which was on the PB< doesnt exist anymore in the final.
Any good programs out there to edit HTML ? Not really looking to a WYSIWYG editor, just
something that highlights tags and provides some sort of decent formating.

After finals (i.e. next week) I want to start redesigning my site. After 3 years of continually revising my code( and web space providers deleting, moving, and renaming my files) , my web site has become as bad as M$ code lol. (Menus dont function, bad links, broken links, problems with internationalization .... Good Grief! )

--> IN july, the grande re-opening of CLub Admiralty, bring a date to the event LOL :p <--
Is there a program to extract individual files from installer packages? If so, you could probably just steal the HTML Edit program from your public beta CD.
I could do that probably but HTMLedit (like music player) wuld not work under 1.0. I have been told many PB apps dont work for 1.0.

I will probably use pagespinner in classic ;) (or try to attempt to use HTMLedit lol... although in the PB it always crashed on me :p)
RacerX - where did you get the hierarchical menus dockling from? Looks like pretty much all I need to get OSX set up the same as my old 8.5 PB1400 setup (well, that and an Internet Connect dockling).

Unlike a lot of other people, it would seem, I don't miss the Apple Menu at all - I used Control Strip, with a handy little module called Handyman to launch/control all my apps, and it had the trash in it too. I also had the application menu tear-off across the bottom right-hand side of the screen, so using the Dock is fairly close ot how i worked anyway. Only prettier.
I am not sure how racerX did it, but you could make a folder and put links to everything in it, then drag that folder onto the dock. If you click and hold the docked folder, it should expand showing everything you put in there.:cool:

I made a folder (one with an Apple on it), and put links and folders of links in it like I had for my Apple Menu in Classic. The only restriction I have seen is that links "to" folders don't open as a menu. It is actually the first thing I create for most of the people I've help install OS X.
Originally posted by AdmiralAK

Any good programs out there to edit HTML ? Not really looking to a WYSIWYG editor, just
something that highlights tags and provides some sort of decent formating.

Erm... BBedit? I'm runnig BBedit 6.1.2 (I think) and it's great, but BBedit lite is free.

If you've already got BBEdit 6.0, then the upgrade to 6.1 (OSX native) is also free.

RacerX: Do you know where you can download OmniPDF? I can not find a link on their website for it?

The only place I can find any of the hard to find stuff at Omni's site is: ftp://ftp.omnigroup.com/pub/software/MacOSX/ . And the only version is actually a "Public Beta" version, OmniPDF 4.0b4. I think that was as far as they got before Adobe jumped in and put a stop to everything (pretty much the same way that Id did with Q3). The 4.0b4 one is the version I have.

Hope that helps.