I love it

I've been using Acrobat Reader 5 without any problem (but they have made Acrobat 5 native yet so I still use Acrobat 4 in classic for working with docs). The OmniPDF 4.0b4 works in 10.0... if you had the extended demo licence (and then only to 4/30/2001, so mine has stopped working with the current date :D ). As for Quake, Omni was ready to update their build (based on 1.17) to 1.24 and have it read for 10.0 when Id realized that they could make some money on this (as if they weren't before, you had to already have the full version to play Omni's). Id is still new to all this, and so it is taking them longer than they thought (Omni made it look easy).

Acrobat is a large download, and the download installer ONLY works in Mac OS 9.1 (not OS X), once installed, Acrobat reader 5 has (for me anyway) no problem running in OS X. Or you can set you clock back to Feb. and use OmniPDF, but it has problems with Acrobat 4/5 type PDF docs.


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Originally posted by RacerX
Acrobat is a large download, and the download installer ONLY works in Mac OS 9.1 (not OS X)

Damn right it's a big download - I don't know whether it's cos it was running in Classic, but it took me 20-odd minutes to download the FIRST FILE of the download, which is only 190-summat K. I packed it in in the end, until I can get myself onto an ADSL and get a decent download speed...
Back to the topic....

I, too, love X - The OS....

With all the docklings and hacks I've picked up from you guys and elsewhere, I cannot stand going back to the 'sandbox.'

Once iDVD works in X, it's bye bye 9.x

I've had OS X up and running on my 733 since the day Apple got it to my door ( a day early). I've only had to turn it off when I moved and that was just for the 20 minute drive and the 15 minutes it took to set it up. No crashes. No Panics. I have had to do some force quits, but big deal - it didn't require a restart...




I really think Apple did the right thing despite all the whining on boards like macfixit - I won't even go there anymore due to the incessant whining and the Moderators' biased censorship.
I have had Sysadmins look at my system, play around and say, "this is a Mac?!! I gotta get me one!"

Apple may (I repeat MAY) alienate some oldtime users, some fearful of change, some just insecure in learning a new way of doing things - "oh my god, UNIX geeks are gonna steal my job! I used to be the only 'mac guy' here!!!" -, some designers who think the fonts are 'fuzzy' and Aqua is 'fluffy'; but from what I've seen first-hand, Apple's gonna grab a fistfull o' new users and converts.

Jeesh! This is fun. It's like starting all over again with Mac. The excitement is there, I swear it is! Guys like me (us) love this crap. I've ordered as many UNIX, Cocoa, etc... books as my wife would let me.

It's an adventure. And an opportunity. For those who can see it for what it is...
Heh, I've got quite the UNIX library myself.

I think Apple will have the ultimate Windows killer on its hands if they can speed up the interface considerably, and market it as the crash-proof bundle of sheer power that it is. I kind of wish I worked in Apple's TV ad department right now. :)
I have been a mac user for about a year, I spent the first half of that time using os 9.x and thought that it was great. Im a NT/2k sys admin by trade but will never buy another wintel base computer. Microsoft bugs keep me employed but they wont keep me from enjoying my computer.

OSX is awesome, I love the unix underlayer, i love the fact that i am yet to crash it and i love the fact that works so well on my machine.

People where winging about the dock and the apple menu, but I really dont mind, i use drag thing to launch my apps and im set.

Now all i need is a 22inch cinema display, and DVD playback wont hurt eh.. :)