I Need Driver For Camcorder Canon Zr 80



i need driver for camcorder canon ZR-80 for OSX Panther.

the original especification : requeriments OSX 10.1 and 10.2
thats right, but i change to OSX 10.3 and now the camcorder is not recognize for mi mac (fire wire ports). i need help

Thanks a lot for your help


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There are no downloadable drivers for that camera under OS X.

What programs are you trying to use with the camera? iMovie? FCP? FCE?

What exact model of Macintosh are you using?


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That is weird, I have a ZR40 which is an older model and it works fine in panther and tiger.

I always though DV was a standardized thing that didn't need different drivers for every DV camera out there.