I need help on burning cds


I have problems when i am trying to burn cds on my OS X. I do not think itunes came with burning software. I try to insert a blank disc and it just ejects it in like 10 seconds. I have downloaded programs like NTI Dragon Burn 4.0.22 and a few more but they all seem not to work, anybody have any clue whats wrong ????? If you could tell me i would appreciate it because I have to give this computer back to a school and I want to burn a few songs off of it before i have to give it back. Thanks alot for the information.


It sounds like OSX is not recognizing the disc as being a blank recordable disk. What type of disc are you using (CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, etc)? Also what type of drive are you using it in (a 3rd party recorder or an official Apple ComboDrive or SuperDrive)?


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Yep, sounds like either it can't read the media because they're bad or because it's not actually a writer, just a reader (i.e. DVD-ROM or CD-ROM). You can find out by looking at the 'More Info...' button in 'About this Mac' under the Apple menu.