i-Sync S**** BIGTIME!!

Sir Macallot

Had to get that off my chest... :eek:

No Sync with my s700i the way I want it!
Because if I do the connection from my phone the phone becomes BOSS.
This is what happend:
I wanted to clean the phone so I cleared the adresbook (stick and SIM)
No you could logically think that when you Sync them now the phone will get all the clean data from the Mac.... I think NOT!!! :eek: :mad:
So I thought let's turn off the encryption stuff and make the connection the other way around logical right and it worked until I said to i-Suck uh Sync let's synchronise... The Mac says 'cannot make the connection...' :confused:

(this all happend under 10.3.9)

I'm buying Salling clicker



Chmod 760
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If it can't find the phone with bluetooth, re-pair the devices and try again? Oh, and make a backup of the AddressBook before syncing, just in case.

Sir Macallot

I'am bleutoothing here...
I managed to get my old 630 working and made a Sync on my SIMcard that went straight back into the s700...
The trick worked with half my adressbook beeing dubbeld!?
And also work and mobile numbers for one entry (person) dont show in the sideslide way anymore now BOEHOE!!
Who should I be contacting Apple or Sony because I think this is a load of HUMBUG! ;)
The s700i should sync like it's older brother without any of these hickups well rather BIG mistakes...

Advise anyone?