i want to burn a movie onto a dvd so that i can watch it on tv.



how would i burn a movie (.avi) onto a dvd-rw so that i could watch it on my dvd-player/tv. is it possible? i have roxio toast 6, os 10.4.2 and a dvd-writer.

thanks in advance

PS - how would i compress a video file (and then still burn it onto a dvd-rw and watch it on my dvd-player/tv?
Why not give it some time. You only posted an hour ago.

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can someone please answer my questions!
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Questions get answered when someone knowledgeable enough about the subject comes along and decides to help. Posting over and over and over within an hour of the original post just makes people more likely to NOT answer your question. Best bet is to post the question in a legible, detailed and understandable format, and it will get answered very soon.

Toast Titanium has the ability to convert movie files into video DVD format and then burn the resulting files onto a DVD. You also have the option of going with an SVCD or VCD, if your set-top box supports that -- SVCDs and VCDs can be burned onto CD-Rs, making them a less expensive solution.

More than likely, Toast will be your best bet, but remember that AVI is not the most Mac-friendly format. There are a lot of AVI codecs that are not available for Macintosh. If at all possible, I would recommend the .MOV or .MPG format over .AVI.
A rule of thumb, if you can open and view the movie on your Mac via QuickTime Player, you will most likely be able to use Toast to make a DVD of it.

The only problem I have had with AVI -> DVD has been movies encoded with Divx or any variant of it (like 3ivx or Xvid).
Toast 7 should take care of those problems, too, AFAIK. But it's a long process... I've installed the newest version and wanted to give it a try, but I didn't find a short-enough DivX file to try it on. Maybe I _should_ give my PB a night or two to encode, but I tend to have work to do during the day. I'm just not patient enough - and I usually simply hook up my PowerBook to the video beamer to watch the movies. Easy enough...
ok. can someone please explain exactly how i do this. i have toast 6 and i don't have toast 7. i am using a cd-rw and i want to burn a movie onto it so that my computer and other dvd players recognise the disk as a dvd (i.e. when i insert the dvd, it will open in the application DVD Player and play without a problem). how do i do this?

this is the movie info:


thanks for your help


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You cannot make a DVD video and put it on a CD-RW. It must be put onto a DVD disk in order to be a true DVD that will be recognized as a DVD.

If you're going to use a CD-RW, you're stuck making a VCD or SVCD.
ok. can VCDs and SVCDs be played on dvd players?
if not, then what can play them?

what do u mean by a true DVD? if wanted to buy one on ebay UK what would search for?
eliezer said:
ok. can VCDs and SVCDs be played on dvd players?
if not, then what can play them?

Mine can, not all will. Read your owners manual to know for sure.

eliezer said:
what do u mean by a true DVD? if wanted to buy one on ebay UK what would search for?

Even though they are both round and shiny CDs and DVDs are different things. So if you want to by one on ebay I would start searching for um, "DVD". Now there are two formats for DVD recordable media DVD-R and DVD+R and they are not compatible. But many newer devices can read and write both, but if you are shopping on eBay you had best research that before you buy.
eBay probably won't be necessary to get your hands on DVD-R media. You can probably pick it up the same place you purchased the CD-RW media. DVD-R media does cost significantly more, though.

Look on your DVD player for "Video CD" compatibility. Remember, though, that if even though the DVD player claims compatibility with Video CDs, not all burnable media will work in it. Some DVD players are picky, and don't like CD-RW media... accepting only CD-R media. Others don't like burned media, period. Still others work well with certain brands of media, while rejecting other brands, even though they all carry the same "CD-R" or "DVD-R" moniker.

It's just a hit-and-miss kinda thing now. I've discovered that my Sony DVD player likes both Apple- and Verbatim-branded DVD-R media, and doesn't like Memorex (frequently showing pixellation/blocks during playback). No matter what I try with VideoCDs, it just doesn't like them at all even though it claims compatibility with them. Haven't gotten one to play yet, even though they play fine on the computer.

Also bear in mind that VideoCD quality is on par with VHS quality, and is far, far below the quality you'd get with a true DVD. The quality also depends on the quality of the source media -- in your case, the AVI or MOV file. If the original media looks bad, making a DVD or a VideoCD out of it isn't going to make it look better.

Good luck with it, and feel free to ask anything else you need help with!
http://www.videohelp.com — Search for your DVD player there to see if it supports VCD and SVCD, as well as what kind of media it can read.

Just about any newer model will read all kinds of media. Older players support fewer formats. My first-gen PS2 can't read DVD+RWs, for example. It also can't play VCDs.

Instead of Toast, you could use ffmpegX to encode your movie. This will let you convert movies that QuickTime can't handle (Toast uses QuickTime). ffmpegX will create a VIDEO_TS folder, which you could then burn to a DVD using Toast, using the DVD_ROM (UDF) option. Just click the "new disc" button, and then drag the VIDEO_TS folder into that disc. Make sure the disc contains the VIDEO_TS folder, not just the files within that folder.

ffmpegX also has more encoding options than Toast, I think (I haven't used Toast 7, so I can't say for sure).