i want to install os x leopard


here is my problem..

i have dmg image of leopard which is 6.7 gb
is it possible to burn this into a single layer dvd
coz my emac only reads single layer dvd..

or is it possible to boot this on my external drive?
some says u can mount this if u have 2 partitions on mac...

i wish i could burn this on dvd(on my xp)
too bad my emac wont burn dvd's ..=(

bdw here's my mac specs:
mac tiger 10.4.1
Your DVD drive will, in fact, read dual-layer DVDs, because almost all DVD movies are on dual-layer DVDs. The difficulty that you have is that you may not have a dual-layer burner.

Easiest is to restore that image to a partition on your external hard drive. An 8GB partition will work just fine for that. You can restore, using the Restore tab in your Disk Utility.
Then, you can boot to that partition, and install Leopard.
Which eMac do you have? The OS X version doesn't really tell anything about your eMac. You can find some information on the label inside the CD door.
Your eMac will be fine with Leopard. Be sure to consider upgrading the RAM, which can be a max of 2GB total (which is a good choice for good use of Leopard)
fail progress =(
i cant boot my flashdrive after i restore leopard onto it...
i know i restore the image in there with extended journaled
when i press option during startup it appears only the main os system
any suggestions?
No, a USB flash drive won't work.
I neglected to also mention your external hard drive will need to be Firewire, not USB.
Your eMac (as with any PPC Mac, such as a G4 or G5 processor) cannot easily boot from a USB device.

FYI, the USB flash drive installer that you restored, WILL boot an intel Mac, such as MacBook, or a CoreDuo iMac.
maybe i could partition my main harddrive ,, is it possible? so that i can make an image to that partition...
or can i change my cd drive from my pc?
You can't add a partition, if you are running 10.4 on the eMac.
You CAN add a partition if you are booted to 10.5 using the Disk Utility within 10.5
Problem is: you have to install 10.5 somewhere to do that.

If you want to swap in a dual-layer burner from a PC - yes that will work - as long as that burner from the PC is a PATA drive, and not a newer SATA interface. If the PC is less than 5 or 6 years old, then likely it will not be the older PATA connection.
And, I haven't had much luck in burning a 10.5 installer back to a DVD - but maybe you will get lucky on that.
Much easier is to simply make an 8GB partition on an external hard drive, and restore your 10.5 image to that partition. Works great through a Firewire connection. And, an external Firewire drive is a good tool to have around, if you will be holding on to your eMac for a while.
last question..
is it okay if i had a usb to firewire converter for my flashdrive?
i mean will it boot to my flashdrive (via firewire)? =)
My usual response is: adapting a USB device to a firewire bus is theoretically possible, but no one makes one.
If you can find an adapter that connects a USB flash drive to a firewire connection, be sure to let me know. Apple has used USB for 15 years - and firewire for nearly that long, and I've never seen an adapter like that.

If you want to boot from an external drive, get a firewire device.
Depends on the interface that your external hard drive actually has. If your external is less than 3 or 4 years old, it's probably an SATA hard drive. SO, you can use one of these:
You would need the 'triple-interface' model.
Or this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817347033

If, instead, your external has the older PATA interface on the hard drive, then this would also work: http://www.amazon.com/Macally-PHR-100AC-FireWire-3-5-Inch-Enclosure/dp/B0000B3ALF
Yes, I have heard that hint can work

The Open Firmware commands are quite tricky to execute properly, and will be slightly different depending on the device that you use (that's determined by the first "dev / ls" command)
The commands are used to change the firmware to allow booting to USB devices.
It looks like there's good information in that article.
Be sure to read through that entire article. There's several posts that show how to make sure that your typing is correct. It's VERY easy to type incorrectly - which doesn't hurt anything (except the USB booting just won't work unless all commands are typed correctly)
If you make a typing mistake, then you would want to perform an open-firmware reset, then retry the same commands from the beginning.
I would suggest that you print that entire article, so you can refer to it as you enter the commands

Have you tried it yet?
I think if you work your way through each step, taking your time, that it should work.

Good luck!
hi fckykchy, unfortunately "LIVE" partitioning didn't get added until Leopard! So, in tiger, you would have to ERASE the whole disk to re-Partition it! You don't want to do that unless you make a full backup of all your files somewhere first I imagine.

Also, there is no guarantee that the CD drive from your PC would work in the eMac, in fact, depending on brand and firmware it might be highly unlikely, also, the older Macs tended to be more picky about drives, but you have one a little beyond the near incompatibility era I think. No way to tell unless you have someone who has done it with that mac and that drive. However, I would just venture a statistically based guess that it won't work.
im trying the open firmware on my emac
the one that i have read on this link..
and im stuck here
and i think i got confused on my root of my thumbdrive..

ive done the restore..
formatted my thumbdrive to mac os extended (not journaled)...

open firmware screenshot:

i think this is my thumbdrive..

whats the complete root of my thumbdrive?

oh god...
am i close enough to the victory?!

thank u very much
if someone can answer this..
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Yes, your usb disk would be disk1

Looks like the best steps are in the last post on that page that you linked.... That does tell you exactly how to get the correct entries, and when to type them in.

Installing OS X would be WAY easier (and - for me - the only method that actually works on my own eMac) with a Firewire solution.
I have seen that same question several times, but I don't remember reading about anyone that could get that to work after splitting to two DVDs. Better results is leaving the installer as is, and burning a correct single DVD-DL
Here's how you do that....
Replace your existing internal DVD drive with a dual-layer DVD burner.
It's a fairly simple job, and replacement DVD burners are fairly common for less than $30. Be sure to get one that has an ATA, or PATA interface.
Here's one, for example... http://eshop.macsales.com/static_pages/Framework.cfm?page=superdrive/sdl_emac.html
or another: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827106282
You get several advantages with swapping out your internal DVD drive:
You can burn that installer correctly.
You end up with a drive that reads disks (or burns CDs/DVDs) much faster than your existing drive, especially if it is the original DVD drive for your eMac.
Or (even easier), get an external firewire hard drive case, to make booting to your installer very simple. Use the Restore function in your Disk Utility to 'restore' the Leopard installer to a partition on an external hard drive. Boot when connected with a Firewire cable, and the installer will work great.
It's also a much faster install when running that install from a hard drive, compared to a DVD boot.
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