I want to upgrade to 2gigs of Ram


I just got a new 15" 1.67ghz Powerbook. I want to get two gigs of Ram, but before I purchase I have a question. What is the deal with the 2 gig kits? For example: If you were to buy a 1 gig card it would cost $99. If you were to buy the two 1 gig cards as a set it is $299. Why is it $100 more? If I wanted to buy 1 gig now and one gig later would I be able to use them both together?
That would be a good question for that memory supplier. If you call them, perhaps they will tell you that the kit includes upgraded memory (not generic, but the good stuff)
Why don't you just buy 2 pieces of 1GB memory, and not the 2-piece kit?
That's what I would do, but I've encountered the price difference across the board...even if I purchased directly from Apple...any other ideas? : )
It is all interchangeable. I would look to is if the 1 gig kit is not really two 512s and if not, just get that. I have 1.25GB in my powerbook since I thought I would upgrade but haven't really this first gig is the most important.