iBook as an "external montitor"


I have a iBook Dual USB running OS 10.3.9 at latest revison.

I would like to know if there is a way to use the iBook to provide a monitor to a Wintel machine (running win 2K) . I would like to connect the iBook, somehow, to the video out from the Wintel machine so as to have video from the Wintel box.

The IBook does not need to be functioning or booted to OS X - just allowing its screen to display for the Wintel machine. Video quality is also not an issue .

Can this be done ?

Many thanks ,

- Chas
Short answer: no.

Cat's got it right -- you're either going to have to get VERY creative with screen-controlling or remote-control software, or you're going to have to dissect the iBook and physically wire it up for use as a monitor.
Dear Cat & El Diablo :

The VNC option looks perfect. Many thanks ! I never thought that there had been ports of VNC (viewer or server) to OS X !

It looks like I am not the only person whose stable, working, reliable and easy-to-use Mac OS is being called upopn to trouble shoot and repair more-or-less broken Wintel machines.

Many many many thanks !

- Chas.

PS - I would to not think of dissecting my beloved iBook .... I even hate having to open the chassis to do a hard drive upgrade.