Ibook Cd Burner Not Working


I've been able to burn cds in the past, but recently I tried to burn some photos onto a cd, and it won't do it. It spits out the cd and gives an error #3. I've tried to burn with a variety of types of data from music to word files and everything else under the sun, but it always spits it out when it starts to burn. I've tried to use disk utilities, but it just spits out the cd with no message.

Any thoughts?



PS I really don't want to sit at the Apple store for an hour waiting for a genius to tell me what's wrong, so any help would be appreciated!
What kind of iBook do you have? What version of Mac OS X do you have? What application are you using to burn the CDs (Toast, Disk Utility, Finder, etc.)? What speed and brand of CD-R or CD-RW are you using?