Ibook G4


I have an old skool mac ibook g4, first mac ive ever owned. Where do i start and what all can i do with it?

Did you forget that you already started a thread on this subject in this same forum?

A good place to start is by pressing the power button, and just playing around.
If you have NEVER used a Mac, and know nothing about Apple's OS X operating system, then one of the Mac for Dummies books would be good to have, or one named The Missing Manual from O'Reilly: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596529529.do

I think a better question would be for YOU!
What do you want to do with your iBook?
As with any computer - It's not what your computer can do - but what you want the computer to do. Generally, there's a way to do whatever you want.
(Well, unless what you want involves Windows software. Running Windows on your G4 - although possible - will likely be a very poor experience, indeed.
At the most, you can upgrade the RAM memory.
The iBook has built-in memory on the system board, which may be 128MB, 256MB, or 512MB
There's only a single memory slot for additional memory, which can take up to 1GB, one stick of PC-2700 SO-DIMM.
So, depending on which iBook G4 you have, you could go up to as much as 1.1 to 1.5GB maximum RAM.

And, you can replace the hard drive, with more capacity.
It takes a 2.5-inch, IDE interface drive - and replacing the hard drive is very challenging
(Count the screws - I have done that! - there's 50 tiny screws to remove to get the hard drive out - lots of fun. :D )

Other than hard drive and RAM, there's not much "modding" you can do to an iBook.

And, you can upgrade the OS X version, maximum of OS X 10.5.8
That's a good reason to want to maximum RAM installed.