iBook/Powerbook as server?


Can you run a powerbook or ibook with the lid closed on a network as a server?

I'm thinking of getting one and using it with distiller on the network for my workflow, would be nice if it would work closed!




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It's simply not worth the hassles. I did stumble on one thing tho' that *seems* to work.

1) Set your mouse preferences to turn off touch pad while an external mouse is present.
2) Close your lid *while* a USB external mouse is plugged in.
3) yank the cable on the mouse

While the lid is closed, the system wakes up and prompts the user for the password (if you're configured to do so). Please note - I entered my password and put the thing back to sleep normally. I do not know if/how long it will stay in that "awake & prompting" state. Might be worth experimenting with.


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The iBooks are not designed to run with the lid closed -- there are hacks out there that allow you to do this with iBooks, but they are hacks and operating the iBook in a configuration that isn't supported may not be wise as it can cause physical damage to the iBook. YMMV, of course.

Yes, the PowerBook can be used this way, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's not meant to be run 24x7 like a server (I'm sure heat dissipation would be an issue), but that doesn't mean that it can't do it.


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I've got my Powerbook running 10.4 and 10.3 server. But not on that mode ...

It *can* be done but ...
- Heat will be an issue. It will work (Powerbook will work), however if forced to be running lid closed, it will get hot. Air needs to circulate. It gets too hot. So rather buy a desktop (G4, G5, an XServe, even used ones will do - or even an iMac or an eMac .. or even a Mac mini will run server easily).
- iBook would need the hack ...

If you want a small server that you can easily take to an other place, try a Mac mini instead. That can run always on, and it takes even less space.


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If you want something small and cheap to keep on all the time I would suggest a Mini, they are basically iBooks. How much use is this server going to get though? The minis don't have that great of I/O (Disk and Network mainly).