iCal is out!


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Why do you have to register it? Oh well.

How do you register it? I found "Register iCal" on the iCal menu, but what's the SKU for iCal?

What happens when you complete those forms?



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Well I just put in "N/A" for the SKU and it worked. What happens when you register? You get a free year of Macworld! Seriously!

So, one thing I am confused about. To get notification for events, does iCal have to be open? I set up an event with a notification and it let me close iCal with no warning.

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Well obviously the July 17th i for the first day of Macworld NY when iCal was announced...

And yeah it does seem ratehr slow, I find it a little tedious entering text data in the Info panel for events, takes a while to register changes. They also need to work on the print out quality, it really doesn't do justice to the way iCal looks.

Also for peopel complaining aobut not needing a calendar. if you don't need it don't get it. Personally I feel if you're not in college or business or well invovled in thigns that require a schedule it obvsiouly won't be of much use. I personally find it's a really easy way to keep track of my classes, my friends classes, easily spot conflicts and open times as well as keep other calendars organied.

Even if you personally don't need a calendar I feel Apple has gone out of their way to provide a library of many useful calendars you may be interested in. http://www.apple.com/ical/library/

I'm sure many official and unofficial listings are sure to come in the future. The program will mature as the iApps tend to do and it will be even more useful with iSync and the future .Mac developments. That said, even without any future promise of feature additions iCal is a decent calendar/organizer that is well worth the price.;)

EDIT: They do need to let us specify our own colors for events with the system colo chooser unless I'm missing that somewhere...


Now that I've been using iCal for entering a bunch of stuff related to school, I can safely say that it's a pretty sweet program for being free. :) Subscribed to a bunch of calenders and now I'm on top of the season premieres and Denver Broncos games. :D A couple of things that bug me about it though...

-Speed. This will probably be brought up a lot, but I can't believe how slow iCal is. It seems very unresponsive. It's probably because of my computer, though. I think I'm due for an upgrade. ;)

-Being unable to change subscribed calenders. I would really like to put in alerts for some things, such as the season premiere of Mad TV. Unfortunately I cannot do this, and I think this could have been easily accomplished.

-Sort of buggy. Like everything in a first release, it's kind of buggy, and it's the kind of bugs that could get on your nerves over time. Like sometimes the Info window doesn't change when I make a new selection. And the Info window doesn't change until I press Return after changing an event. Oh well. I guess we pay for being early adopters. :p

Other than that, Apple has replaced Entourage on my machine with Mail, iCal, and Address Book. It feels right when these features are separate, instead of jammed together in a slow package. :p And you can edit your calender while scanning through your e-mail; something you can't do in Entourage.

Overall grade for iCal: A-.

EDIT: Fixed the all-important spelling of "Premiere."


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Originally posted by Ricky
-Speed. This will probably be brought up a lot, but I can't believe how slow iCal is. It seems very unresponsive. It's probably because of my computer, though. I think I'm due for an upgrade. ;)

Ha ha ha...you think your speed sucks eh? Try running any slightly processor intensive program (like iTunes) on a $3000 WallStreet G3 300 like mine which was promised to be able to run OS X fully - I get a 5 seconds spinning beachball of death with every app's 1st launch, about 1 second for 2nd launch and so on. It seems like the OS needs about 200 MHz to run itself, leaving me with 100 to run apps on.
I don't know how Apple made OS X's GUI so slow, but man running XP next to it on similar PC specs just blows me away. Is a third gen display system really worth it if the GUI speed suffers so much? XP ha a 2nd gen, and it just plain rocks in terms of speed! (prettiness is another story though...)


Personally, I like iCal. Entourage is just too much bloat for my needs. - Now does anybody know of a site that tells how to set up your own webdav server, so we don't have to cough up money to dot Mac just to share calendars? I spent most of a morning searching the web with Google, but everything I found was pretty technical (like http://www.webdav.org), or was Windows specific.


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Can you export calendars in html format?
Or is only "publishing" to .mac implemented?


no HTML export from what I can see. I did notice that when you publish to another WebDAV server, the only way to see those calendars is to subscribe from iCal.

I hope that iCal has some sort of plug-in architecture like iPhoto.