iCloud Panic!


As usual, I have left it to the last minute to do anything about the end of Mobile Me, and a move to iCloud.

Anyone got a quick link to a guide?

I looked at the Apple one, but it's hardly impartial!

My main worry is losing Eudora and a move to Mail. But I'm also thinking of going for some completely independent webspace.

I upgraded my laptop to Lion, but I haven't done the desktop yet.

All help gratefully received. And I'm UK based.
One thing to remember is DON'T use <Mail for the migration!!! I urge this to anyone who will listen to me. To sign first quit Mail, then open System Preferences->Mail contacts & more and also System Preferences->iCloud. The Preferences panes make you Mail's accounts in Mail (as long as Mail is closed).

Next is a replacement for iDisk. That will be your choice but many bloggers have been saying DropBox. However there are alternatives like SugerSync or GoogleDrive or Amazon Cloud Drive as well as many others.

Lastly for Gallery watch the ScreenCastOnline series MobileMe Migration Part One and MobileMe Migration Part Two. It will point you to some really good migration alternatives for moving out of MobileMe.

Lastly after you move please let me know if you see the same confusion I wrote about Cloud confusion on the iOS devices. I just want to know if others here sees the same thing I am seeing.

One last thing is I found a blog post called How To: Setup iCloud Email, Contacts, Calendar in Your Own Client might come in handy.
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Ah! Thanks! Something to read. :)

I missed this post somehow. I usually go in through "New posts" and this got lost. Confused.

I'll let you know how I get on.
One other thing. I have some web pages to transfer. I have a free option at the moment, but I would like one that allows others to see the pages without a lot of adverts appearing.