Icon? files



Hopefully you can assist. I have recently switched all of my movies and TV Shows from a couple of Drobo disk arrays to a single Synology NAS. One unintended outcome of the data transfer was the fact that now none of my Movie or TV Show folders show their icons anymore. I have moved the stuff between drobos before and haven't had any issues such as this. I spent ages getting the icons and setting them up and they have all gone. But the Icon? files are still in the directories so I was hoping there was a method of getting those recognised and the icons visible again.

Any Ideas ? I'm trying desperately to avoid having to find the icons for all of the shows again.


I will offer the opinion that the file system used by the Synology NAS simply might not support custom folder icons in the same way as the Drobo or the Mac.
If the icons file still is present in the folder, then there may not be a solution while you use the Synology NAS.
But, that being said (and I suspect I could be wrong about that), contact support for your Synology NAS. If it is the file system used in the NAS, there may be a setting that you can change, perhaps through some terminal command. You may get a simple answer by contacting Synology support -- (which might be "custom folder icons are not supported on your model NAS", or similar)


File System definitely supports it as I've changed a few manually - the big thing is that I've already been through it (and it is a pain) and because the Icon files are still there I was hoping that there's some way of getting it to rescan or refresh them based on the directory contents to save me the grief of doing it all again - I will take your suggestion and contact synology though, although they will probably say it's an OSX thing