Icon pasting is back!


U.S.D.A. Prime
Yeah! I had forgotten all about this: remember how frustrating it was that we couldn't paste our own icons in top of drives on the desktop in 10.0 - 10.0.4? Well, I just tried it with 10.1 and BLAMMO! Custom icons on the desktop!

Yee-ha! I'm in customization heaven... ;)
Yup! I did it too when I first installed 10.1 last week. It worked great! ( I know have an OS "X" labeled drive and an OS "9" labeled drive --- seeing a big X or 9 makes it sooo easy to click on the right drive (especially when I have three separate redundant backup systems each with X/9 partitions).
can you tell me how exactly you just pasted your own icons over the original ones? I downloaded a couple icons from www.xicons.com and draged one on top of my harddrive, and it just moved the file into the drive. heh. :p
Click on the icon file itself, and do a command-i to get info. click on the icon in that window, and hit command-c to copy it. Next, without closing the info window, click on your hard drive and the info window should change to show the info for that. Click on the icon in the info window, and hit command-v to paste the icon... voila!
There does seem to be a bug in it, though, although it's not really that bad. If you try to paste an icon on a drive that already has an icon, it then shows nothing for an icon. Strangely, if you then cut the icon out, it shows the standard icon, but trying to paste anything on it again gives the same problem. This is of course just a small Finder bug, and logging out and back in fixes it. What is odd is that removing the icon that's already there, and then adding the new one causes no problem.

But I do love being able to have those icons: