I used the idisk for a trial period. Now that it has expired, I cannot removed the idisk icon off my desktop.

Can you tel me how to do this?

Thanks so much!

Valeri Jantzen


U.S.D.A. Prime
Have you logged out/in and/or restarted the computer? Do you have an e-mail-only .mac account? Do you wish to use .mac or iDisk at all in the future?

If you don't wish to use any .mac services anymore, try removing your username and password from the .mac pane of the System Preferences, as well as restarting and/or logging out/in.

You might also want to check in the .Mac pane of the System Preferences, under "iDisk" that "iDisk Syncing" is turned off -- if it's on, then a local copy of the contents of your iDisk will be created on your machine locally, and this could be what's making that icon hang around...