iDVD burning issue


I have a macpro desktop running lion and am using iDVD 7.1.2
My problem is that with 5 minutes to go in the multiplexing/burning process the
DVD is ejected. If I reinsert the dvd I get the message that the dvd is blank.
I have tried two different blank dvd-r disks with the same result. I have
burned DVDs in the past without problems so I a have no idea why there
Is a problem now. Your help is appreciated. Thanks
My guess is that your optical drive has 'crapped out'. Apple's drives are notorious for that. Replacement or externals are fairly inexpensive. I've had good prices and service at
Try to run a CD/DVD cleaner it that slot SuperDrive. Slot drives tend to get a lot of junk it them over a period if 2-3 years.
When that DVD is ejected, do you get a message for why the burn was aborted? Is the file you are burning just slightly too large for the DVD?
In addition to other suggestions, try creating a disk image file of your project (File -> Save as Disk Image). This will isolate if the problem is the iDVD program or your SuperDrive. If the image creates successfully, you can (try to) burn it in Disk Utility. Start Disk Utility, drag the image file into the sidebar, then click the "burn" icon in the menu bar.

Also make sure you have all the latest updates to your system.
Thanks for the advice; is there a specific type of cleaner for the superdrive or will the generic cd/dvd cleaners work?
The files are no bigger than before. I don't get an abort message rather, idvd keeps on going thru the "burn" process but nothing happens,
so I end up canceling the dvd burn process. Thanks
Thanks for the advice; is there a specific type of cleaner for the superdrive or will the generic cd/dvd cleaners work?

The SuperDrive is a normal DVD burner, any disk cleaner should work. I typically just spray inside the drive with compressed air though you do have to be careful to keep the can upright to avoid ice deposition.
Also try burning from an image as I previously described.

I have had this issue and have written/complained about it in the past. There is a reason users refer to the drives as "MatSHITa."

My current one has ceased burning, then starts burning . . . the bottom line is you can obtain a FAR faster and more reliable External DVD burner--which you can also easily convert to Region Free . . . if . . . that was . . . something you needed . . . not that you would.

Yesssssssss . . . I too fretted about it--we have Macbooks, they are portable, they should do everything. Anyways the Panasonic one I bought more than two years ago runs nicely.

I have done the suggestions above which have sometimes worked. The benefit is you can still play DVDs. However, if portability is an issue for you simply--temporarily of course--rip a DVD from your external DVD driver/burner and play it.

The cost of replacing the internal DVD you can easily get a more reliable external drive.

Trust me . . . I have been there

First of sorry for not responding sooner; I thought I had and obviously had not. It turns out that all I needed to do was clean the SuperDrive as recommended. Thanks to all for your responses and again sorry for dropping the ball on the thanks