If A Browser Stops Supporting Your Os, Are You In Danger???


Mac Convert for Life
I've read articles about Opera no longer supporting Snow Leopard...I've read other articles that says it IS still active and supporting Snow Leopard. Conflicting resources. Can someone PLEASE tell me for sure what's going on?

Also, if it's true that Opera no longer supports Snow Leopard, am I putting myself at risk by using it even with all the enhanced security features that my version has?
As you know, Snow Leopard, as an operating system, really hasn't had security updates for at least 3 years, notwithstanding the recent update that Apple provided for App Store on Snow Leopard. I'm not sure if you can convince yourself to say that you remain safe when the operating system can't give you that assurance.
You naturally accept SOME risk by staying with a no-longer-supported operating system.

OTOH, browsing by the ordinary user, as long you stay away from dodgy sites, particularly being careful about what you decide to download, and avoid unnecessary risks in how you browse, goes a long way to staying safe.