iLife 05 CD contents?


aka Norman Gah
When you purchase iLife 05, the package comes with both an install CD + DVD?

Is there a difference in content on both the formats? What does the dvd disc have that the cd doesn't? Or do they just have exactly the same content?

Thanks in advance.

iDVD and Garageband don't fit to the CD. So the CD has the rest - iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto.
I think....

Install CD is for people without a DVD Drive. The install CD only has iPhoto 05, iMovie HD and iTunes 4.7 on it.

Install DVD is if you have a DVD Drive. This come with the whol iLife 05 suit.iDvd,GarageBand ,iPhoto 05, iMovie HD and iTunes 4.7 on it.

Hope this clears up your question:)

cheers guys

I mainly only need iphoto 5 and iMovie HD. iPhto 2 is just so annoying as it runs really slow

iPhoto - that's what I've just discovered I need....

Having taken my digital photos of my holiday, I went to download them to my brand new 10.4 Tiger - only to discover, well - iPhoto wasn't there!

After a few minutes of panic I discovered that the files from the previous iPhoto albums are still there, thank goodness - and can be accessed via Photoshop - otherwise I'd have been sueing Apple...

So I've got to purchase iLife as well, eh? What a rip-off...!

Thanks, Steve - should it be called iCon instead?