Illustrator Cs2 - Linked Photoshop Files


I am a graphic Designer working on a Mac G5 with 7 years experience - technically I am pretty good...

Now my question.

When using Illustrator CS2, I have a file set up that has a photoshop CS2 tiff placed into it (layered file). Upon closing the illustrator file and opening it again, I find that the Illustrator file has lost the link to the tiff. If I update it, the file is brought in upside down and back to front. Obviously, if I rotate it 180deg and flip it horizontally, all is good, but it worries me somewhat for when I have to send files to press... not everyone is as logical to think of this! And it is just simply a pain in the proverbial when updating files!

Is there a solution to this? Is it common?
Both myself and a fellow designer here at our office are experiencing the same problem. It has not always been this way. It seems to have developed over time.

Thanks for your time.


Yes the files are on a remote, shared server and apart from some speed issues, this hasn't been a problem as of yet.


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Normally I wouldn't place layered tifs anyway because they can get confusing. You never know which ones are layered or not. You might try placing a flattened tif and see if that fixes your problem.


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As Natobasso stated, layered .tif files aren't the most optimal format to use.

You should just save them as layered .psd files and place those. Most printers RIP software doesn't work well with layered .tif files anyway, so they'll probably end up converting them and re-linking - something you'd probably rather do yourself.

As for your problem, I've never seen or heard of that happening, so again, I can only assume it's because you're using layered .tif files.