iMac G5 cd stuck.



This iMac G5 i have at the moment, the cd is stuck in there. The actual system won't boot due to the question mark on startup, so i can't get into OS X to eject the disk. Don't worry about the startup issue, i just need to acquire the software restore discs to reformat the whole thing since the actual startup volume is not showing and i tried the PRAM key combination on startup waited for the second reboot and no success. So anyone? I don't think there is a pinhole eject thing on the iMac.

Thanks in advance.
Here is a little trick to get a CD/DVD out of a Mac. Just hold down the Mouse button while booting your Mac and it will spit any CD/DVD out of the drive. To see if the there still is viable system on your internal disk, just hold down the "Option" key while booting and then choose the startup system. Holding down the "X" key while booting will force OS X to boot. Holding down the "Shift" key while booting will cause OS X to Safe Boot.

Now if you still get a question mark, there are some other larger problems going on.
just had this problem (CD stuck in imac g5) myself, but holding mouse button down while restarting didn't do anything... help!
Make sure you hold down the mouse button right after you hear the startup chime. Hold it down until the disc is ejected.