Imac M5521 Startup Freezes


Panic (cpu 0) unable to find driver for this platform: "powerMac4.1".

Backtrace: 0x008bb44 0x00029f00 0x001f1b74......

no debugger configured- dumping debug information

version string: darwin kernel version 1.3.3:
Fri may 4 13:46:54 pdt 2001; root:xnu/xnu-124.8.obj~1/release_PPC

dbat0:00000000 00000000
dbat1:00000000 00000000
backtrace: 0x0008bc70

panic: we are hanging here...


plus i can see the happy screen in the middle of the monitor.

this imac was given to me by a friend who couldn't figure it out.
i found an macosx cd in the slot i removed with paperclip as your pdf manual instructed.
restart same thing.
what do i do?
i await your reply before dismantling.

do i need a compatable keyboard and mouse for testing or do i need an apple one?


In Geostationary Orbit
first all please list the Mac model, processor type and model, Ram and video card. Then please list the version of OS X the machine has on it. Now, from the information you listed it sounds as if the Mac is having a Unix kernel attack. This is usually down because of HARDWARE problems like bad RAM, processor dying, etc.

First see if any extra third party RAM modules were added to the Mac and remove them to see if the Machine boots. Second, read the articles on Apple trouble shooting steps. Make sure you read this page about what to do about kernel panics.

If non of these steps work you could always take the Mac to a local Apple Specialists and maybe have them fix it if it is not to expensive.