iMac throwing out CD, litteraly


When I press eject on my iMac G5 (17" 1.8Ghz), it throws out the CD a bit too litteraly. The disc flies out of the cd tray and crashes onto the ground. :confused:

This doesn't happen with all cd's, for example with an Exel CD-R. But it does happen with a Fuji CD.

My computer didn't fall or it didn't have a bump...

Anyone else had this problem?


It happened to me on a few occasions (iMac G5 1,6 Ghz i.e low end 1st generation) but not to the extent of being problematic, maybe 3 cd's out of say 100 I fed my iMac with in almost a year.


nixgeek said:
Man, talk about some finicky optical drives! :p

not really still got some good reflex and managed to catch 'hem,
must come from playing frisbee a decade ago or so...... :p