Image Artifacts On Pb 12" 1.5


I recently got a new 12" powerbook, and it was all worked and works perfectly, except that sometimes some parts of the GUI degrade to black, or stretch out or get drawn as the wrong thing. (ie the battery icon sometimes gets drawn as the activity monitor's cpu monitor dock icon) I have a feeling, since this does not happen all the time, that there may be a small, bad section of video ram that distorts textures, or even puts the wrong ones in some places, but i really have no idea. I have tried restarting, and flashing pram (which sometimes provides a temporary fix).

This problem is the only one in the near perfect laptop i have just received, especially for someone used to using pc's (i now use both)


U.S.D.A. Prime
I would take it to an Apple Authorized Service Center or an Apple Store as soon as possible -- if it's hardware-related, you want that resolved as fast as possible since the laptop is still new.