iMessage with same AppleID, but different devices


In my family, my spouse, children and I each have an iOS 5.1.1 device using the same AppleID for purchases of all kinds. I want each of us to be able to iMessage/FaceTime each other individually. For example, I contact one child without the others or my spouse getting the call/message.

Is this possible? It seems entering multiple email addresses in iMessage under Settings just makes it ring on all devices since we have the same AppleID.


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iMessage, as far as I know, uses unique Apple ID's to send and receive messages. Every iMessage-capable device using the Apple ID will (and should) receive the message.

Why not just set everyone up with their own Apple ID? What you're asking to do (if I understand correctly) is akin to asking, "I want everyone to share one email address, but when I send email to that email address, I only want it to go to one person or another -- not everyone with access to that email address."

Probably impossible.

Doesn't Apple offer the ability to create free "sub-accounts" under Apple IDs that you could use to dole out unique Apple IDs to all family members?


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You can have all users have their own AppleID for FaceTime, iMessage etc - and still use the same account for all for app store if you like.