iMovie Install Problems


Hi All !
I have been desperatly trying to install iMovie from iLife04. I have deleted the application, and iLife continually say's " one or more app's are open or running, Quit them.... BLAH BLAH BLAH."

I have removed the iTunes help file from start up. Opened the installer and tried to only install the one program.
Here it says there is a newer version still on the drive.
I have also tried to verify, and correct disk permissions.....

Now I think I have tried everything. (At least everything I have read, and know ).
If any one can help, It would be greatly appreciated.

: )
You need to remove the application receipts from /Library/Receipts

Look for iMovie.pkg or some similarly-named file, drag it to the desktop, then try the install. If it works, you can remove the iMovie.pkg file from the desktop.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

I knew there was an easy solution.......

I have removed those files, and it seems to be installing smoothly.