iMOVIE question: Libraries, Event folders and Project folders. What do I do with them to free up space?


I'm really terrified of losing years of iMovie events etc in the libraries. I need to move about 300gb of Movie libraries out of my 1TB Mac Mini to do the M2 Mac Mini upgrade to 512gb. I've read on how to move the Libraries, and though I'm still scared to do it, I did move a smaller library over to an external and it seemed to go okay.

But ...
I'm really confused about the Events and Projects.

In the "storage" under About this Mac, when I look Documents>Movies I see the library, and a folder of iMovie events (which are the clips of course), and iMovie Projects (which are named projects I've done/created/started).

So, I have a couple questions: If I finish a project and I've saved it as an mp4 or mov, and it's completed. can I remove those projects? If they're done and I'm happy with them, they just take up space now correct?

And as for the events, what concerns me, is I "thought" I moved what had to be moved once, but iMovie couldn't find the clips. I had a heckofatime getting the clips back to where the library (now on an external) could find the clips.

If I move the iMovie.library (the main, system one) to an External, do I move the folder marked "EVENTS" to the same External? Do I have to? Are they all in the Library anyway? Why do I have a separate folder called events then? My head is spinning.

It's what's keeping me from upgrading to the MacMini M2. It only has 512gb and I need to feel I've moved the library etc correctly to proceed. I'll deal with PHOTOS later. I think they are in the iCloud but that's another matter (turn off to not sync except to sync if not in the iCloud) or whatever that means. I'm being factitious but honestly, that's how it reads to me. And, then, there's the warning ... :)
Thanks for replying but I don't know what this means :cool:
I did find some YT tutorials that are helping a bit... but now I have another issue with the Event showing up in the iMOVIE in the package, but not in the EVENTS on the computer. :) As I understand it, even though there are folders marked EVENTS and PROJECTS the library saves everything. And if I want to use on an ED I make sure that it's plugged in. The last mystery is deleting events and clips after creating the movie, and making sure that I don't accidentally delete clips I still need (I've got a couple places that give me "there's nothing here find the original" messages. If the original isn't there, don't ask me :)